Ebenezer Emmons

1849 Pl 13 Wood Structure - Emmons



Pl 13 Wood Structure

Fig. 1. Melia azedarrch. Section magnified four diameters, containing both bark and wood.
Fig. 2. Section of the potato, showing its structure in a healthy state. The hexagonal cells contain the starch granules.
Fig. 3. Doowood (Camus florida).
Fig. 4. High BLACKBERRY (Rubus villosus). Transverse section of the stem.
Fig. 6. Raspberry.
Fig. 7. Transverse section of BLACK Ash.
Fig. 8. Transverse section of WHITE BIRCH.
Fig. 9. Transverse section of the BLACK BIRCH (Betula excelsa).

Lithograph, Uncolored
Sheet Size 11.25 x 8.75 inches
Publisher: C Van Benthuysen, Albany
VG+ condition with toning to margins

Ebenezer Emmons (May 16, 1799 October 1, 1863), American geologist and author, with an interest in geology and fossils.

Drawn By
Ebenezer Emmons Jr , Artist and Illustrator, son to author and geologist Ebenezer Emmons (1799-1863)

Gavit & Duthie , Engraving firm of John E Gavit (1817-1874) and James Duthie (1850 - 1873?)