Ebenezer Emmons

1849 Pl 49 Carrot & Beet - Emmons



Pl 49 Carrot & Beet

Fig. I. Section of Carrot. Orange Carrot, showing the structure of its root by a tranverse section.
Fig. 2. Section of the Beet Root. a, longitudinal section of the Beet; b, transverse section. The yellowish white band communicates with the double row of fibres upon the outside.

Lithograph, Uncolored
Sheet Size 11.25 x 8.75 inches
Publisher: C Van Benthuysen, Albany
VG+ condition with toning to margins

Ebenezer Emmons (May 16, 1799 October 1, 1863), American geologist and author, with an interest in geology and fossils.

Drawn By
Ebenezer Emmons Jr , Artist and Illustrator, son to author and geologist Ebenezer Emmons (1799-1863)

Richard H Pease (1813-1869), American engraver, lithographer and printer from Albany, New York