The Cambridge Calla 1905 Henry Moon Botanical Flower Print


The Cambridge Calla Print.
This botanical print rich in color originated from Flora and Sylva a horticultural journal published in Britain from 1903 to 1905. The journal provided introductions and reviews of new and rare plants to local lovers of gardens yards woodlands forest and nature in general.

Medium: Original color lithograph 1905.

Condition: Print is in very good condition with crisp and beautiful colors slight toning around the margins.

Sheet measures c. 9 x 12 ½ inches.
One of the contributors to Flora and Sylva editorial journal was William Robinson (1838 – 1935) Irish gardener and journalist who revolutionized the image of English cottage garden and spurred the movement of natural and less formal-looking plantings introducing the beauty of local gardening and design.

The artist who captured the beauty of flowers in their stark drama was Henry George Moon (1857-1905) an English landscape and botanical painter. He was also the illustrator behind the Flora and Sylva flower lithographs. Each flower created was a masterful and beautiful piece of artwork.