Fish of Paradise by Marcus Bloch c. 1796 Hand Colored Antique Fish


Marcus Bloch: The Fish of Paradise (Polynemus Paradiseus) - Plate 402 (CCCCII)

This is a hand-colored copper plate engraving from Allegemeine 7aturgeschichte der Fische…and…Ichthyologie Ou Histoire Naturelle General et Particulaire des Poissons. [Icthyology or Natural History General and Particular the Fish]

Published 1782-1797 with 432 engravings.
Print is a copper plate engraving and hand-colored in watercolors. Names of fish are provided in several languages. Bloch was a physician who later in life collected German specimens and corresponded with like-minded naturalists elsewhere to gather additional specimens. One of the very first studies of fish published his collection is still considered remarkable.

This original is printed on oblong folio laid paper. Chain line is evident. Print has strong plate marks. Print is in excellent condition with some age toning and one small iron spot.

Overall it is a wonderful example of 18th Century naturalist illustrations and quite suitable for display. This print has been professionally matted.

Sheet measures 10 7/8" H by 16 7/8" W
Plate mark measures 7 7/8" H by 14 5/8” W