1834 Ornithology Plate 23


Div 2d Land Birds
Order Gallinae

Fig. 1. Common Partridge. Tetrao perdriz, LINN. Perdriz cinereus, Cuv.
Fig. 2. Hackled Partridge. Tetrao? ferrugineus, LATHAM.
FIG. 3. Gibraltar three-toed Quail. Tetrao Gibraltaricus, LINN. Turnia. Gibraltaricus, Cuv.
Fig. 4. Maryland, or Quail of the United States. Tetrao Marylandicus, LINN. Caelinus Virginianus, Cuv.
Fig. 5. Green Quail. Tetrao viridis, LINN. Cryptomiz cristatus, Cuv.
Fig. 6. Great Tinamou. Tetrao major, LINN. Tinamus major, Cuv.
Fig. 7. Variegated Tinamou. Tetrao variegatus, LINN. Tinamus variegatus, Cuv.

Engraving, Uncolored
Sheet Size 10.8 x 8.4 inches
Publisher: Samuel C Atkinson, Philadelphia