A Practical Treatise on Brewing Distilling and Rectification by R Shannon 1805


First Edition 1805. A Practical Treatise on Brewing Distilling and Rectification with the Genuine Process of Making Brandy Rum and Hollands Gin the London practice of brewing porter ale and table beer and the method of brewing country ales &c with the modern improvements in fermentation or the doctrine of attenuation in which the old and present mode of work is improved with an entire new system much more advantageous; interspersed with practical observations on each kind of fermentable matter raw and prepared with rules for obtaining the greatest quantity and of better quality from grain raw or malted sugar or molasses; and the making wines cider and vinegar: the whole fundamentally delineated with plates: with a copious appendix on the culture and preparation of Foreign Wines Brandies and Vinegars previous to exportation and the best method of managing them when imported into these kingdoms. 1805.


First edition of this comprehensive treatise on brewing beer distilling spirits and fermenting wine quite possibly the most thorough contribution to the subject available in English at the time with eight engraved plates of equipment one folding and five folding tables. This large and detailed treatise provides very specific recipes and formulas for brewing porter ale and table beer; the distillation of spirits of all sorts including brandy rum and gin: the making of wines cider and vinegar with detailed illustrations of the equipment necessary as well as tables displaying amounts of ingredients temperatures and time necessary and even the profits that a manufacturer might expect to earn. Includes an appendix on the culture and preparation of foreign wines brandies and vinegars along with the best methods for managing these after import.