WWII Educational Navy Training Board Relative Bearings Target Angles Battleship


WWII Navy Training Board - Relative Bearings and Target Angles 31x25in. This is a rare if not unique stenciled and hand painted training board. Created at the N.T.S. Sampson Naval Training Base, training boards like these were used to train Naval Recruits during WWII. This board depicts the relative bearings and target angles. The N.T.S Sampson Naval Training Base was established in 1942 and turned over to the War Assets Administration after the war in 1946.

The overall size of the board is 31x25. This training board is framed in a 2 1/2 inch by 3/4 think wood, with a wood backing. The frame will need to be restored if desired for hanging, the image is a little dirty, thought the colors are still vibrant, back hanging wire is missing.