American Street Railway Investments 1904 New York City Chicago San Francisco


American Street Railway Investments 1904. Index page of all maps has been photographed so please see picture for completed list. At minimum the following maps are included: 1. Map of Philadelphia and Vicinity, Showing The Lines By The Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company; 2. International Traction Company, Buffalo and Vicinity, Lake Erie (fold out map); 3. Map of New York and Westchester Counties, Metropolitan and Third Avenue Railway System, New York City Railway Company (fold out map); 4. Map of The City Of San Francisco; 5. Map of The Chicago Railway System, May 1904; 6. Boston Elevated Railway Co; 7. Map Showing The Lines Of The Twin City Rapid Transit Co., Minneapolis and St. Paul 1903; 8. Electric Railways of New Jersey; 9. Map Of The Borough Of Brooklyn, N.Y., And Vicinity by Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co. Book measures ca: WxHxD: 9 ¾ x 13 1/8 x 1 inches.