The Antiquities of England Wales Scotland By Francis Grose 12 vols ca late 1700s


The Antiquities of England and Wales By Francis Grose. Esq. F. A. S... 8 Vols. London Printed for Hooper & Wigstead No. 212 High Holborn... Vols I-V: (nd). Vol VI: 1785. Vol VII: 1797. Vol VIII: (nd). The plates mostly depict architecture including castles mansions and churches but also provide a pleasant depiction of English and Welsh fields mountains hills and occasionally rivers. The 8 volumes contain 701 engravings: 644 plates (2 folding) & 57 partial-page maps. The vast majority of plates in Vols III-VIII are unnumbered. Some discrepancies exist between the order in which engravings actually appear and where they are positioned on the County Indexes. The words the County Indexes use to describe the engravings' images often differ significantly from the captions. The number of engravings called for on a County Index is sometimes greater and sometimes less than the number actually present. Vol I has both a 1-page County Index and a Directions to the Binder on the County Index verso. Vols II-VIII do not have a Directions to the Binder (possibly lacking but probably not issued). The County Indexes of Vols II-VIII are either [2] or 4 pages occupying the location where Vol I's Directions to the Binder had appeared. The count of 701 engravings (644 plates) simply pertains to the number of engravings actually present without reference to the County Indexes. Maps which appear on the same thick paper as the plates and have blank versos are counted as plates above; those maps which appear on inserted leaves are counted as partial-page maps. Such inserted leaves also carry text. (1 partial-page map in Vol II is on a leaf integral to a 2-leaf gathering.) Vol V: Marginal tear to pp 153-154.

The Antiquities of Scotland London Printed for Hooper & Wigstead No: 212 High Holborn. MDCCXCVII. [Typography and paper are similar to that of The Antiquities of England and Wales listed above and similar to the set listed below.] Vol I: [i]-iv [i]-xxii [xxiii]-[xxiv] [1]-176 pp. Vol I page xxiii is mis-paginated xviii. Vol II: [i]-iv [1]-140 pp. Contains 193 plates. (85 plates in Vol I 108 plates in Vol II incl a frontis in Vol I and 2 engr titles).When the 193 plates are combined with those in The Antiquities of England and Wales listed above the 10 volumes contain 894 engravings (837 plates and 57 partial-page maps). The plates for Scotland have scenes similar to those in The Antiquities of England listed above including castles fields hills and other views.

Military Antiquities Respecting a History of the English Army From The Conquest to the Present Time. 2 Vols. Lon: I. Stockdale 1812. (First sentence of Preface: These Military Antiquities respecting a History of the English Army first appeared in 1786... Lower margin of 1st Preface page: Strahanand Preston Printers-Street London. ) [Paper and typogrography are similar to that of The Antiquities of England and Wales listed above although Military Antiquities is signed in 4's.] Vol I: [i]-v [6]-[8] [1]-393pp. Prepage vi mis-paginated iv. Vol II: [i]-iii [1] [1]-367 [1] Index [17] pp. 145 (of 146) plates as follows: Vol I: 55 plates (incl an additional plate immediately following p342 additional plate at p351 frontis and engr title). Vol II: 90 (of 91) plates: 28 plates in Vol II Part [1] (incl frontis & engr title); and 62 (of 63) plates in Vol II Part [2] [lacking plate 41 but with 2 plates 4 numbered to 61 with Vol II Part 2's engr title un-numbered]. Vol II Part 2's engraved title between pages 240-241. That divisional engr title reads A TREATISE ON ANCIENT ARMOUR AND WEAPONS. The plates show armor weapons military tactics early firearms and medieval military technology.

Thick folio. All 12 volumes are in uniform later red full leather with gilt dentelle. aeg. Marbled eps. Bdgs very good some light wear usually near corners. Plates are mostly very good plus usually minor foxing. Combined total of 1039 engravings: 982 plates only (2 folding / maps) & 57 partial-page maps. Provenance of the set: estate of Armida B. Colt.

Each volume measures c. 9 ¾ (W) x 13 ½ (H) inches and weighs approximately 5-8 lbs. Set will be split into 4 sections for shipment.

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