X. Boisselot. Mosquita la Sorciere Opera comique en 3 Actes


X. Boisselot. MOSQUITA LA SORCIERE: Opera comique en 3 Actes... Ouverture pour Orchestre. Mayence chez les fils de B. Schott/ Bruxelles chez Schott freres. Londres chez Schott et Cie.. a Leipzig chez C. F. Leende a Vienne chez H. F. Muller... 24 Booklets only: 2 copies of 1st Violin; 2 copies of 2nd Violin; 2 copies of Cello and Bass; 1st & 2nd Trombones; 3rd Trombone; Triangle; 1st & 2nd Coronets; Cornets a Pistons ; Bassoons; Carlinets; Oboe; Flutes; Tympani; & 8 booklets skillfully copied by hand from the engraved score.

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