1854 Plate 5 - Beetles - Emmons



Plate 5 - Beetles

PLATE 5 Fig. I. BUPREBTIS PASCIATA. A. Antennae magnified. B. Tarsi magnified. 2. BUPRESTIS DENTIPES. 3. BuPRESTlti FEMORATA. 4. BuPftESTIS DIVAB1CATA. 5. BlPRESTIS VIROIN1CTA. 6. Alaus OCULATUS. 7. Elater ? 8. buprestis. 9. Elater glandicoloiA
10. Dytious hakrisii. K. Anterior tarsus, showing tli sucking dinks. 11. Trtraopes tetrophthalma. 12. Boletophaqub cornutUs (male). 18. Maohodactylbs subspinosa (rosebug). In. Antennae. I. Tarsus magnified. 14. Epioauta vittata.

Lithograph, Hand Colored
Sheet Size 11.25 x 8.75 inches
Publisher: C Van Benthuysen, Albany
VG condition with light soiling to plate

Ebenezer Emmons (May 16, 1799 – October 1, 1863), American geologist and author, with an interest in geology and fossils.

Drawn By
Ebenezer Emmons Jr , Artist and Illustrator, son to author and geologist Ebenezer Emmons (1799-1863)

Richard H Pease (1813-1869), American engraver, lithographer and printer from Albany, New York

From Natural History of New York. Agriculture of New - York: Composition and Distribution of the Soils and Rocks...More Common and Injurious Species of Insects., 1854.