Georg Gottlob Richter 18th c. German Medical Doctor Portrait Print G. D. Heumann


Georgius Gottlob Richter alternative title: Georgius Gottlob Richter (1694-1773) antique portrait print from c. 1800's. Georgius Gottlob Richter was a German professor of medicine philosophy and philology. He occupied first chair of medicine at the University of Gottingen and wrote a text on dietetics and numerous dissertations on medical theory and practice. Obtained his second MD under Johann Ludwig Hannemann at the University of Kiel in 1720.

Print engraved by G.D. Heumann ad viv. del. I.I. Haid exc. A.V. Georg Daniel Heumann (1691-1759) was a German artist and engraver stationed at Nuremberg between c. 1731-1753 and one of the most important engraver of Johann Jakob Scheuchzer Physica Sacra.

Overall antique print and frame are in good condition; minor paper warping to the matting in lower left. Please see all the pictures for details. Framed this piece measures ca: 20 1/2 W x 24 1/4 H inches.