John Haighton MD (1755-1823) Antique Medical Doctor Print 1819


John Haighton MD (1755-1823)
Haighton was born in Lancashire about 1755 and after being a pupil of Mr. Else at St Thomas' Hospital became a surgeon to the Guards regiments but resigned on being appointed demonstrator of anatomy at St. Thomas' under Henry Cline. He had already become a skilful surgeon and was so promising an anatomist that the famous surgeon John Hunter had almost concluded an agreement for him to assist him in his lectures. Haighton however was not so agreeable and accessible to students as his junior Astley Paston Cooper whose developing talent and influence hindered Haighton's advancement. Consequently Haighton resigned his demonstratorship in 1789 and turned his attention to physiology (in which he succeeded a Dr. Skeete as lecturer in 1788 or 1789) and to midwifery in which he at first lectured in conjunction with a Dr. Lowder. Both these courses were for the united hospitals St. Thomas's and Guy's. He never succeeded to a physiciancy though he obtained the degree of M.D. (in 1794 at Kings College Aberdeen).-Wikipidia
Drawn by Francis Simonau. Engraved by C. Armstrong.
Chicester Sussex. : Benj. & Geo. Ridge & Co. 1819.
Wellcome Library no. 3911i
In VG condition or better not examined out of frame.
Overall Frame measures approx 10 W x 12 H.