1834 Entomology Plate 4


Order Lepidoptera
Genus Phalaena
Family Bombyx

ig. 1. Bombya: Laocoon, LINN. Saturnia Laocoon, LAT. Inhabits Africa.
Fig. 2. Bombyz pavonia, LINN. Saturnia pavonia, LAT. Inhabits Europe.
Fig. 3. Bombya tau, LINN. Saturnia tau, LAT. Inhabits Europe.
Fig. 4. Bombyx luna, LINN. Saturnia luna, LAT. Inhabits
the United States.
Fig. 5. Bombya atlas, LINN. Saturnia atlas, LAT. Inhabits China.

Engraving, Hand Colored
Sheet Size 10.8 x 8.4 inches
Publisher: Samuel C Atkinson, Philadelphia
VG condition with light foxing throughout