1834 Conchology Plate 14


Conchology Plate 14

Conchology Plate 14

Genus Bulla, G Conus, G Turbo, G Helix, G Nerita

Fig. 1. and 7. Bulla lignaria, LINN. LAM. Coast of Europe. Fig 2, 3, 4, 5, 8. Conus ammiralis, LINN. LAM. To this most varied species belong those beautiful varieties called Cedo nulli cones, so highly prized by collectors. They come chiefly from the Antilles. FIG. 6. Turbo trilineatus, LINN. Fig. 9. Turbo fusiformis, LINN. Fig. 10. Helia hortensis, LINN. LAM. This variable snail is common in the gardens of Europe, whence its name. Fig. 11. Nerita canrena, LINN. Natica cannena, LAM. Inhabits the seas both of India and America.

Engraving, Uncolored
Sheet Size 10.8 x 8.4 inches
Publisher: Samuel C Atkinson, Philadelphia
VG condition with light foxing throughout

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