1834 Conchology Plate 27


Conchology Plate 27

Order Univalve

Genus Murex, Trochus

Fig. 1. Murer muricatus, LINN. LAM.

Fig. 2. Murea haustellum, LINN. LAM.

Fig. 3. Murer longicaudus, LINN. Fusus longicaudus, LAM.

FIG. 4. Trochus niloticus, LINN. LAM.

Fig. 5, 6. Trochus perspecticus, LINN. Solarium perspec tivum, LAM.

Fig. 7. Murer tulipa, LINN. Fasciolaria tulipa, LAM. FIG. 8. Trochus turritus, LINN. Cerithium LAM.

Fig. 9. Turbo pictus, LAM.

Engraving, Uncolored
Sheet Size 10.8 x 8.4 inches
Publisher: Samuel C Atkinson, Philadelphia
VG condition with light toning to margin, soiling to lower right.

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