Seasons Earth's Tilt and Wobble Antique Astronomy Print 1857


Illustrating the Seasons
plate 9.Figs. 1. Illustrating the seasons 1092 3. Daily and yearly motion of theearth .... 854. Illustrating the parallel sphere 865. Ill'g the right sphere ... 86' 6. Ill'g tho 13 transits of Mercury inthe 19th century Ill7 8. Ill'gtransit the ofphenomena Mercury May of the41786 1129-13. The sun's spots .131
Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science Literature and Art by JG Heck Issued 1857 New York

In VG condition or better trivial spotting or foxing age toning to edges well worthy of hanging for display.

Sheet measures c. 11 3/4 x 9 1/4