Early Flying Machines Gravity Centrifugal Forces Antique Physics Print 1857


Gravity and Flight

plate 17. Fig. 1-3. Illustrating the theory of the screw .... 4. Hunter's differential screw Fig Kg. 5-21. Plate Illustrating 17-{Continued.) the theory of strength and stress of materials 191- 22. IU'g the theory of uniformly varying motion 23. IU'g the theory of unequally accelerated motion 24. IU'g on the the influence motion of gavitation projectiles 25-20. IU'g the theory of projectiles 29. IU'g the centrifugal force 30. IU'g moving the lateral liquids pressure of 31-33. IU'g the velocity of efflux 34. IU'g the forcing pump 35. Prony's to regulate swimmerthe contrivance velocity of efflux 36. IU'g the hydraulic ram 37. 38. IU'g the ballistic pendulum 39 40. Valve Hampton and balloon parachute of the 41. benson's flying machine 42-48. Illustrating of Partridge the pneumodrome
Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science Literature and Art by JG Heck Issued 1857 New York

In VG condition or better trivial spotting or foxing age toning to edges well worthy of hanging for display.

Sheet measures c. 11 3/4 x 9 1/4