Penguin Pelican Tropicbird Booby Goose Antique Bird Print 1857


Tef 92

Fig. 1. Carbo cormorant cormorant 2. Eudyptes cristatus crested penguin 3. Tachypetes aquilus frigate pelican 4. Phaeton aethereus tropicbird 5. Plotus anhinga snake bird 6. Sula bassana booby 7. Anser segetum bean goose 8. Anas boschas mallard 9. Anas galericulata mandarin duck 10. Mergus cucullatus hooded merganser 11. Larus argentatus herring gull 2. Sterna hirundo sea swallow
Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science Literature and Art by JG Heck Issued 1857 New York

In VG condition or better age toning to edges well worthy of hanging for display.

Sheet measures c. 11 3/4 x 9 1/4