Cockatoo Parrot Toucan Antique Bird Print 1857


Tef 97

1. Cacatua sulphurea yellow-crested cockatoo 2. Psittacus erythacus grey African parrot 3. Palseornis malaccensis Malacca parrot 4. Palaeornis alexandfi redheaded parrot 5. Psittacus melanocephalus blackheaded parrot 6. Trogon curucui curucui 7. Trogon viridis green curucui 8. Bucco macrorhynchus puff-bird 9. Monasa tranquilla S. Amer. puff-bird 10. Capito viridiauranthius green and orange barbet 11 Pogonias sulcirostris grooved-bill barbet 12. Pteroglossus aracari long-tailed aracari 13. Ramphastus tucanus largebilled toucan
Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science Literature and Art by JG Heck Issued 1857 New York

In VG condition or better age toning to edges well worthy of hanging for display.

Sheet measures c. 11 3/4 x 9 1/4