1834 Ornithology Plate 13


Ornithology Plate 13

Order Passeres

Fig. 1. Black and White Fly-catcher. (Muscicapa bicolor, LINN. and Cuv.)
Fig. 2. Whiskered Fly-catcher. (Muscicapa barbata, LINN. and Cuv.)
FIG. 3. Forked-tailed or Tyrant Fly-catcher. tyrannus, LINN. and Cuv.)
Fig. 4. Soft-tailed Fly-catcher. (Muscicapa malachura, LINN. Malurus malachura, Cuv.)
Fig. 5. Fan-tailed Fly-catcher. (Muscicapa facellifera, LINN. and Cuv.)
Fig. 6. Superb Wheat-ear. (Motacilla cyanea, LINN. Sari cola cyanea, Cuv.)
Fig. 7. Pied Wagtail. (Motacilla madraspatensis, LINN. and Cuv.)

Engraving, Uncolored
Sheet Size 10.8 x 8.4 inches
Publisher: Samuel C Atkinson, Philadelphia