Kingfisher Flycatcher Wren Nightingale Antique Bird Print 1857


Tef 103

1. Buceros erythrorhynchus red billed hornbill 2. Buceros rhinoceros rhinoceros hornbill 3. Halcyon atricapilla black capped kingfisher 4. Ceryle javanicus Java kingfisher 5. Alcido ispida common king fisher 6. Caprimulgus europaeus goat sucker 7. Hirundo rustica swallow 8. Cypselus melba black martin 9. Tyrannus severus Cayenne fly catcher 10. Milvulus forficatus South Amer. Flycatcher 11. Parus ater pine tit 12. Regulus auricapillus golden crested wren 13. Philomela luscinia nightingale 14. Curruca hortensis garden warbler 15. Curruca atricapilla blackcap warbler 16. Phoenicura ruticilla common redstart 17. Motacilla boarula grey wagtail 18. Saxicola cenanthe wheatear
Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science Literature and Art by JG Heck Issued 1857 New York

In VG condition or better age toning to edges well worthy of hanging for display.

Sheet measures c. 11 3/4 x 9 1/4